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Custom bench seating

Custom bench seating

There was a time the only place in a home you would see custom bench seating was around a breakfast table or maybe free standing at the end of a bed - now you can have a custom bench seat just about anywhere you desire around your home - indoors or outdoors where ever your heart desires!

A built in bench seat with custom bench seat covers in an entryway, mud room, window seat, kitchen nook, a study or a kids bedroom - is no longer the stuff of dreams, they are becoming the norm in most modern day homes.

Whether you're designing a bench seating area for aesthetics or functionality they make a great addition to any modern home and with the option to customise every detail and finish to your individual taste and style - they are truly becoming an interior design must have!

Custom bench seating inspiration

Need a little custom bench seat inspiration here's a few of our favourites;


Custom Bench Seating Upland Farm by Onyx and Smoke


Custom bench seat covers Perth by Onyx And Smoke


 Whether you're looking for custom bench seat covers for your home or a holiday property the Onyx & Smoke design team are here to help. Just drop us an email at and lets get creative together.

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