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4 things to consider when choosing an ottoman

4 things to consider when choosing an ottoman

Finding the prefect ottoman for your space can sometimes be a little daunting so here's our top 4 things to consider when buying an ottoman to ensure you get it right first time.

 1. Ottoman shape

Getting the right shape is key. You need to look at the size of your living space and the other shapes you have in the room in order to figure out whether you need a round or rectangular ottoman.

For example in a living room you would need to consider the shape of your rug and the shape of your coffee table, and decide whether a round or rectangular ottoman would work best.

If you're short on space in your living room you might also want to consider whether you want to store the ottoman under your coffee table when you're not using it.

Choosing the right shape ottoman

2. Ottoman size

It's important to get the ottoman size right for the space. Our top tip for getting your ottoman size right is to cut the size and shape in a piece of cardboard or paper and lay it in the space for a day or two to make sure it looks and feels right.

Ottoman choosing the right size

3. Ottoman fabric

The choice of fabric is important as most ottomans will receive a bit of rough and tumble and not just sit pretty in a room. The first question you should ask yourself is what colour would work best in my space? If you're undecided we recommend ordering a fabric swatch from Warwick Fabrics and test it out in your space. Be mindful that some fabrics can look very different in different light. 

The second question you should be asking is " What grade fabric is the ottoman made from?" If it's not an upholstery grade fabric then it won't last the test of time. You should also consider if it has a stain resistant guarantee or the option to add one.

Some other questions you should consider asking depending on the space you are using it in are "Does it have a UV rating" or "Does it have a fire grade rating?"

4. Ottoman quality

An ottoman is something that needs to stand the test of time so quality is key. Make sure you choose a brand that's manufactured to a high standard, that will last the test of time, i.e choose an Australian made brand that uses upholstery grade fabrics rather than a brand that just imports cheaper alternatives from abroad where quality and manufacturing standards will be a lot less stringent. 

 Australian made Ottomans  by Onyx & Smoke

All Onyx & Smoke ottomans are proudly Australian made in Perth, WA by a team of upholstery specialists with over 30 years of experience using only the highest-quality upholstery grade fabrics.

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