Fabric Swatches


For a Free sample of the fabric you can head directly to Warwick fabrics website search the Name of the fabric please see list below our collection name & what Warwick fabric calls this fabric (Search Warwick fabrics name via their website)  - choose up to six fabric samples (per day) and have the samples delivered to your home free of charge.

Our collection Lavish - Warwick name Mystere

Our collection Lux - Warwick name Plush

Our Collection Royal quilted  - Warwick name Essence

Our Collection Quilted - Warwick name Nirvana

Our Collection Wool - Warwick name Augustus

Our Collection Leah - Warwick name Alva

Our Collection Vegan faux Leather  - Eastwood

Our Collection Hepburn - Warwick name Hepburn

Our Collection Melissa- Warwick name Elton

Our Collection Stripey goodness  - Warwick name Mallacoota 

Our Collection Grey - Warwick name Lomani 

Our Collection Ash- Warwick name Kona

Our Collection Cloud - Warwick name Lomani

Our Collection Moulin Rouge - Warwick name Ritz

Our Collection Royal Quilted - Warwick name Essence

Our Collection Ivy - Warwick name Magma

Our Collection Perfection - Warwick name Cleo

Our Collection 100% Linen - Warwick name Haven


Click here for Warwick Fabrics

Warwick fabrics do not sell fabric retail orders need to be placed via commercial stores such as us :)

Our new Boucle collection is by Wortley fabrics you can order your free samples from their website linked below . 

Our Collection Boucle - Wortley name is Orlando

Click here for Wortley Fabrics