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Choosing a stylish beanbag lounger chair

Choosing a stylish beanbag lounger chair

Unlike traditional sofas and chairs, beanbag loungers chairs are super light and easily moved from bedroom to playroom to reading corner, to media room and everywhere in between!

luxury beanbag loungers/chairs by Onyx & Smoke

That's why beanbag lounger chairs have become so popular in Australian. Particularly in cinema rooms, dens, tween lofts and for gaming chairs. 

Three Birds Renovations Beanbag Chairs Australian Staycation Boys Loft
Image: Three Birds Renovations House 13 Boys Loft

Are beanbag lounger chairs comfortable?

Yes, super comfortable, so long as you pop the right amounts of beans in them.

Never under fill your beanbag!

The great thing about beanbag lounger chairs is they adapt to your body shape and weight so you can sit back and relax in comfort. They can also help reduce back pain and tension by providing you with the support your muscles and joints need to relax themselves.

When choosing a beanbag chair for your home - choose an Australian made beanbag lounger made from a quality fabric and conforms to Australian beanbag safety standards.

That way you know you've purchased a beanbag that will last the test of time. Not a cheap import that will easily wear and tear and fall apart!

Australian Made Beanbag Lounger Chairs

Onyx & Smoke beanbags are made in Perth, Western Australia by Australian artisans. Our artisans have over 30 years of experience and we only use the highest grade upholstery and commercial grade fabrics. 

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