Soft Furnishing Consultations with O&S Design Director Emma Billingham

Our Design Consults are an opportunity for a one on one with O&S Founder & Design Director Emma Billingham
The service is offered either in home or at the centrally located Warwick fabrics showroom.
How long are the sessions?
Each consult runs for up to 2 hours which generally allows time to work through 2 X standard rooms for example, Combination 01: 1 x Lounge + 1 x Dining OR Combination 02: 1 x Theatre + 1 x Bedroom. Additional time can be booked and as per the fee schedule. The addition of extra time is charged at a reduced rate, however, additional time must be requested at the time of booking the consultation
In home / on site consultations
What can I expect from my Soft Furnishing Design Consultation?
Upon arrival at your residence, Emma will conduct a walk through of the space with you to get a feel for things, she will specifically take note of any feature artwork, flooring, lighting and the overall feel of the style. It is important to let Emma know if you are planning to make any changes to the room in the near future and have reference material and images on hand that reflect the changes being made.
For example, you may be awaiting delivery of a new sofa or dining table, an image of these will be needed to enable Emma to consider all elements of the room before delivering her recommendations for your custom products.
Emma then moves into a Colour Consultation phase, for which she brings along 3 large sample swatch books, a collection of plain, printed and velvet's.
The recommendations falling out of the Consult will NOT be limited to the ranges on hand, Emma purely uses these as a guide to see what you are more drawn towards before starting the Design Development phase back at the Studio.
Emma will also bring sample cushions and products with her on the day based on the information provided to her at the time of booking your consultation ... to use as a trial as to what sizing works best for your environment, furniture style and overall layout.
If you have a specific look you are trying to achieve, then original inspiration images and mood boards you may have will help. Alternatively, you can let Emma’s Design expertise take over and leave the process entirely with her based on what she envisages following the walk through.
Once the in-home activities are complete, Emma will then work on further developing the concept ideas, playing around with fabrics, textures and product combinations until she has 2 product combinations, she feels will work perfectly for each room she has reviewed in your home.
You will then be emailed images of the suggested fabrics along with the product specifications, including sizing. To make the process flow simply, we also attach a quotation for each product combination.
You can then simply choose the preferred combination and place the order online. If you’re wanting a variation to the concept and we move into option 03 (which is rare given Emma’s ability to ‘hit the mark’ very quickly), we will update the concept design and re-issue along with an updated quotation. You will likely be asked what kind of budget you are working towards.
Please don’t be shy about sharing this information as it will greatly assist the direction of the Consult and make life for yourself and Emma a lot easier. You will also get the most out of the Consultation by being upfront about the budget. Whether it be 4 pieces or 40, we love O&S being in every home!
Showroom Consultations
What if I am visiting the showroom for my Consultation booking? If you select a showroom visit, the above process is very similar. However, as Emma is not able to walk through the spaces being consulted on, you will need to bring the following: • Photos of the room *tip – try and get a long distance or panoramic view so that all elements can be sighted together • Close up images of any key pieces of artwork, the flooring, any rugs, and the key furniture pieces so that Emma can see the textures • Imagery of any furniture/key design pieces that have been ordered but not yet installed in the space
What are the fees for Design Consultation?
In-Home We charge $399 for the initial consultation which covers a travel distance of up to 20km from Stirling , up to 2 hours onsite consultation and the 2 X Customized Recommendations (via email) & pricing.
Additional 2 hour blocks can be purchased if you have more than 2 rooms to be viewed and planned. Additional time blocks are billed at $300 per unit which covers up to 2 additional rooms. For example, a 3 room consultation would require a booking at the rate of $499 plus additional time of $300, totaling $800 Design Consultation fee.
For all orders above $1,500 RRP that are placed within 4 weeks of the Design Consultation date, a 15% discount to the RRP will be applied to the cost of the order.
Please bear in mind that a lot of the work happens behind the scenes in the Design Development phase which is reflective in the reduction in fee for additional time. 
How do I book?
We suggest making a booking request as far in advance as you can - Emma has limited times available weekly and books out quickly as you could imagine!
Limitations Conditions 
Limitations and Conditions: O&S will offer a maximum of 3 concepts for each room – the third is not automatically presented
No refunds on Design Consultation bookings 1 x Reschedule allowable per booking – must give 72 hours notice .