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Boucle Headboard Cushion Cover

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Boucle headboard cushion comfort ... a headboard at a cushion price ohh yeah!

Boucle Headboard cushion as featured in mutli purpose room on @threebirsdrenovations - Rolling Seas .

Like to frequently change things up in your bedroom décor? Then our boucle headboard cushion covers are just what you have been searching for!

After a year of product testing we came up with a headboard cushion design that is not only comfortable, functional and stylish - it also allows you to change up your bedroom decor when ever you fancy!

Our boucle headboard cushion covers:

Are design so that the covers can be easily removed for cleaning, packing away or simply changing things up!

Our headboard cushions are one continual headboard cushion with a firm but ohhh . . so comfy specially designed luxury feather interior at the same height as your average headboard to help provide the perfect back support.

Finished with a plain edge stitch to allow the beauty of the boucle to shine.

Headboard COVERS & INSERTS ARE SOLD SEPERATELY this way you can purchase just covers to swap up your style when needed.

 CLICK HERE To shop Feather Headboard Inserts. 

Firm but comfy support: Our boucle headboard cushion feather inserts ahve been specially designed with built in pockets to ensure the feathers remain in and upright supportive position.

Aftercare: Cold machine wash & line dry.

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All Onyx and Smoke products are proudly designed and handmade in Perth, Western Australia.