Effortless Design at Kalm HQ Featuring our custom beanbags

Effortless Design at Kalm HQ Featuring our custom beanbags

Check out this striking informal ‘hub’ at KALM HQ designed by Fremantle based Architects & Co featuring Onyx and Smoke custom beanbags.

This cleverly designed space is as striking as it is beautiful!

Designed to effortlessly accommodate a casual meeting, and the spontaneous laughter of the family’s youngest members as they unwind after school.

It is truly a visually stunning space.

custom beanbags Australian made onyx and smoke Perth WA

Builder: @neonconstruction

Photographer: @ridhwaanmoolla

The space featured two of our custom beanbags aptly named the 'Relaxabag' !

luxury beanbags Australian Made Kalm HQ Fremantle Perth

Relaxabag beanbag chair by Onyx and Smoke Australia

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Our range of luxury beanbags are designed and made in Perth, Western Australia by our team of upholstery seamstress's with over 30 years of experience.

We use only the highest-quality upholstery grade fabrics for our luxury beanbags so you can be assured that a piece you purchase from Onyx and Smoke is a piece that will last the test of time.

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