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Velvet Body / Pregnancy Pillow


OMG these pillows can be life or lets say sleep savers in pregnancy or for some like me now when we have back problems - or hey maybe we just need to cuddle something at night!

I know when I was pregnant I was almost permanently attached to mine.

Problem was - they can look quite out of place / little not so stylish.

Here's where our Onyx & smoke covers step up ! 

After Pregnancy they can look just as fab as a long lumbar cushion on the bed - to support your back as you or your partner are feeding bub.

Our Lux velvet cushions are made from a beautifully soft, upholstery grade fabric with a matt finish. Don't let the softness fool you, this collection is surprising durable, and available in over 30 colours! 

All Onyx and Smoke products are proudly designed and handmade in Perth, Western Australia.

Available in 

Cold machine wash & line dry.

Please note these are COVERS ONLY

We made the covers to fit the most popular & easy to purchase pillow inserts on the market.

Kmart body size cover - 140 x 50cm 

Target body pillow size cover - 148 x 48cm

Myer full body memory foam - 120 x 36cm ( we highly recommend as this one can be used as back support when feeding in bed also after baby - and looks like a nice firm long lumbar on the bed when not in use.

Why don't we have the inserts available to purchase you ask? We could but it would mean paying more for these items than you can purchase them for directly.

YES we can do custom cushion orders to any size if you already have your pillow insert from previous pregnancy or just had to get one for comfort but the covers are terrible as we discovered!. Please email us through the 'Contact' section for further information.

+ For colour confirmation, please check the fabric swatch images.

+ When you select a colour from the drop down box, the image above will automatically change to show the colour selection.

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