Onyx & Smoke

Feather Inserts Headboard Cushions


All our headboard cushion inserts are made from premium quality goose feathers coupled with a micro down mix, giving them the perfect amount of firmness - we know because we have spent hours testing them to get this just right!

Our headboard cushion inserts are also designed to keep the perfect shape while being comfy & supportive.

Our headboard cushion inserts are slightly larger than our headboard cushion covers to help achieve that lovely plump look so please don’t panic if it looks too big when it arrives- it will definitely fit!

FAQ: Goose Feather Treatment: Our goose feathers are washed and steam cleaned at a set temperature and time. Our supplier has confirmed no formaldehyde is used in this process.

All Onyx and Smoke inserts are proudly designed by us and handmade in Perth, Western Australia, by a local family-owned manufacturer.

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