Headboard cushions are where it’s at

Headboard cushions are where it’s at

Gone are the days where you have a static wooden/metal or fabric bedhead with a couple of pillows prop't in front. It’s now all about layers, layers of softness, no hard finishes after all the bedroom is your sanctuary, your place to relax and chill and what better way to do that than with a stylish but functional headboard cushion.


Headboard Cushions by Onyx & Smoke Australian Made Soft furnishings

So what exactly is a headboard cushion?

Not familiar with the term basically it’s one continuous cushion with a firm but ohh so comfy feather interior at the same height as your average headboard. It provides the perfect support for your back and neck whilst reading or relaxing in bed with a cuppa! - Believe me we tweaked and tested it until it was just perfect!

And the best part is the cover is changeable, so if your someone who likes to change things up in the  linen department, a headboard cushion will be your idea of heaven. You’re not stuck with the same boring headboard all the time, you can simply pop the cover off at any time to wash it, or pack it away and change it out for a different colour or design – easy peasy!

Headboard cushions are having a moment

Boy oh boy headboard cushions are having a moment! Particularly in multifunctional spaces like this beauty Three Birds Renovations designed for Mick Fanning and his fiancée, Breeana at their stunning Gold Coast Rolling Seas property.

Rolling Seas Three Birds Renovations Chill out room

Chill out space by day – bedroom by night – how clever is that. This room features our Onyx & Smoke Boucle headboard cushion




Velvet Headboard Cushions by Onyx and SmokeBoucle headboard cushionsHeadboard Cushion King Single Kids Bedroom