Elevate Your Playroom, Media Room or Kids' Bedroom with a Giant Floor Cushion

Elevate Your Playroom, Media Room or Kids' Bedroom with a Giant Floor Cushion

Your home, your way - where imagination reigns supreme and comfort is key, a giant floor cushion can be a versatile and beloved addition to any room in your home.

Whether it's a playroom filled with laughter, a cosy media room for family movie nights, or a whimsical kids' bedroom, a floor cushion can bring a dash of magic and a whole lot of comfort.

Create A Playroom Playground With Floor Cushions

A playroom floor is a canvas for creativity. Adding some giant floor cushions into the mix can instantly transform a playroom into a hub of imagination. From building forts, to creating obstacle courses, or simply sprawling out for a round of storytelling!

When it comes to playtime safety is paramount. Giant floor cushions can help provide a soft landing for energetic play, softening those inevitable jumps and tumbles. So you can rest easy knowing your children have a comfortable and safe space to let their imaginations run wild.

Cosy Cinema Nights 

Say goodbye to rigid theatre style seats and hello to plush comfort.

Your media/tv room often serves multiple purposes, from family movie nights to gaming sessions to family meetings. Giant floor cushions help provide a flexible seating arrangement, allowing you to create intimate circles or a sprawl out for a home theatre experience - the perfect spot for your family to gather, complete with popcorn and cuddles.

Dreamy Bedrooms For Your Little Ones

Kids’ bedrooms are havens for rest and play. A giant floor cushion or ottoman tucked into a cosy corner is the perfect spot for bedtime stories, morning snuggles, or quiet playtime. It's a versatile addition that grows with your child, adapting from a cosy reading nook to a lounging spot for older kids.

Easy-Care Fabrics, Designed To Elevate Your Spaces:

Now what fabric should you choose for your giant floor cushion? This all depends on your own personal home decor style. To help we have detailed below the perfect fabrics for creating different looks and feels . . . 

Cosy Bouclé:

Known for its cosy texture and soft, looped yarns, bouclé adds a touch of luxury. It's delightfully tactile and invites you to sink into its plushness.

Perfect for creating a modern warm and inviting atmosphere in any room. Popular in modern and coastal home decor.

Glamorous Velvet:

Luxurious and elegant, velvet helps bring a sense of opulence. Smooth to the touch and reflects the light beautifully, adding a touch of glamour to playrooms, media rooms, or bedrooms.

Perfect in any timeless modern home decor style.

Also a great fabric choice for kids with sensory needs as it can be a calming fabric too touch.

Laid Back Linen:

If you're aiming for a laid-back, casual vibe, linen is an excellent choice for creating a relaxed atmosphere in playrooms or bedrooms, where comfort is key.

Very popular in relaxed coastal and Hamptons decor.

Sleek Vegan Leather:

For those seeking a sleek look, vegan leather fabric is an ideal choice. It offers the luxurious appearance of leather without the use of animal products. Vegan leather giant floor cushions are easy to clean and maintain, making them practical for kids' spaces.

Vegan leather is popular in lots of home decor styles like urban, modern, coastal and classic.

The Perfect Giant Floor Cushion

All Onyx and Smoke fabrics are easy-care, ensuring that your giant floor cushion can be washed and maintained without hassle. Enjoy the convenience of keeping your spaces stylish, clean and comfortable.

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