Mon Palmer Collections


Suitable for pool side sundeck & indoor has built in halo fabric protection to help keep fabric eating bugs at bay & stain repellent.

Sundeck / Indoors 

Suitable for sundecks portico & indoor use away from long periods of strong direct sunlight. Filtered & indirect sunlight are agreeable. 
Sundeck also has built in halo protection to help ward off nasty little fabric eating bugs & additionally we also scotch guard the for an added layer of protection.


Although made for outdoor & sundeck use we recommend to extend the life of your products to store items away from strong prolonged direct sunlight when not in use.
For winter we recommend completely drying cushions and ottomans wrapping in a plastic protection bag (we recommend vacuum pack) & storing them away in a clean dry environment. 

Our collections are made to be used in all areas of the home perhaps consider finding a nice cosy spot within the home where you can continue to use your gorgeous pieces all year round.
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